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I feel like I should apologize in advance for this one.

Hi there everybody!

As most of you have probably noticed, Cobra's been up to something for the last couple months. And it's time to actually go into detail about what that is!

For starters, he's spent way too much time training a bunch of Magnezones so that they've all picked up Zap Cannon (which he attempted to show off last month). And with the help of that construction company in Cinnabar (because he kinda blew up their worksite, so it's not like they have anything else to do), miscellaneous NPC Grunts, and any player Rockets who want to tag into this and offer to help, he'll have constructed some sort of horribly drawn battle platform from which he plans to rain Zap Cannons down from the skies (there's no actually engine or anything, it's powered entirely by the Magnezones who are also um...shooting everything).

So then, on to the important stuff.

When is this happening?
The 27th of the January! There'll be a post somewhat before that threatening things in the general area of the target.

Where is this happening?
Cobra's plan is to attack Cherrygrove and then move towards Route 29 and New Bark Town.

How do we stop this?
I'm operating on the assumption that you guys want to stop Cobra Commander's flying platform of terror. If you do, just leave a comment with the character's name if you're interested in possibly shooting him down! I'm planning on rolling to see who gets to take out the Magnezones and shoot him down, so there's definitely going to be a few opportunities to do stuff! And I'll be figuring that out on January 20th, so you have about two weeks to sign up!

I think that's pretty much about it, so if you're interested in participating, please let me know! Oh, and also once again, this was approved by Alex and Sunny! So you can thank them for letting this one go forward!
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Okay, my Rocket guys have absolutely no technical skill whatsoever so they will be of no help, but they will be watching and can I just say bless you, Cobra.
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Shoot a giant terrorist cannon out of the sky? Oh, Blake is definitely in.
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All right! Fuck you, magnets!
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Snake is kinda interested in offering to help, only to sabotage him. Snake is not very good at being a Rocket member.
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If you're interested in something like that happening, yes!
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Either scenario would be fine with me since I'm not 100% sure how he'd sabotage what he could.
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I like this plan! He would do something like that all sneaky-like. Though it's fine if he gets caught or pointed out afterward
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Sounds good to me!
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If it's not too late, I'll have Red jump in onto this!
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oh shi-

And yet all I can think of is her teleporting onto it with her Gardevoir and punching him in the face/helmet. If she could yell, oh boy would she.

This is exciting!