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Remember when Cobra Commander said there would be more attacks if his demands weren’t met? And they weren’t? Yeah, he’s not happy. When is he ever?

So, what does this mean? Well, as of this post, he’s trying to get certain Rockets to give him certain things. Things that explode.

When he’s ready to use them, one’s getting mailed to Danny over in Ecruteak. Any others are getting planted in and around the Game Corner. And then the usual thing happens (demands, failure, you’ll never catch me, probably some cackling, etc.). But unlike the last one, if anyone wants to foil his evil schemes by removing or disarming the explosives, that’s totally okay! Just let me know if you’re interested in having your characters do that!

I was planning to have this go down on the 17th so it doesn’t conflict with the play. Does that work for everybody?

And this is mod approved. :]
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[personal profile] derpsaboutfamily 2012-04-08 06:41 am (UTC)(link)
This is beautiful :'D
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awwwwwwwwww yissssssss
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cobra you are the most magnificent
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Ahaha this is great. Athrun is the most versed character I have in explosives (at least the kind with wires and such), so if he's back in Goldenrod by then, I'll volunteer him. If not...well, Roy can always remove them.
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This evil... There are no words...

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That's because it's sacred---! xO
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Oh my god Coop actually hangs out in the Game Corner a lot. But if he finds the bombs he's most likely to try to get people out, because bombs are not his department. So he'll be darting in and out and trying to shoo people away, does that work? xD
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Hey, it's his job. BI any self-respecting lawman makes sure to thwart criminal business whenever they come around.
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hey cobra hey cobra

this plan sucks and your face sucks and you suck

no but really this is awesome
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Is she ever happy about something Cobra does?

Depending on how this one plays out, she might take Cobra's antics as a personal affront to respectable criminals everywhere and tip her hand accordingly. But either way she'll definitely be watching. o/
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After we chatted about this I finally read that One Piece before the time skip where Franky has his face blown off and I COULD NOT STOP THINKING ABOUT THAT HAPPENING TO DANNY.
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Maybe it's because Franky is so nonchalant about it too.