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So Cobra Island is going to be a thing

So if you saw Cobra's post, you might be wondering just what the heck he's talking about. Well, wonder no more! He'll be taking over an island next week...and the timing of this with Blake's thing is completely coincidental! Apparently overthrowing Pokemon governments is trendy this month or something!

And this was approved by Alex and Sunny in case anyone was wondering who's letting this idiot here have an island!

Anyways, you're probably wonder which island? Seafoam? Nope. Cinnabar? Nah, Cinnabar's been through enough lately. Those weird little patches of sand on the routes he took over a million years ago for fourth wall? Guess again!

Turns out on the maps page since like, forever, there's been a tour in Vermilion to the Sevii Islands! So he'll be seizing one of those, specifically Chrono Island, and taking it over next week with the use of some poison gas canisters, similar to what he used on Violet City a few years back. Except worse.

He won't be giving his location away, so unless someone were to really search every nook and cranny of both regions, it'd be a while to figure out exactly what he's taken over. And by that time, well, he'll have worked out something with the police, so for the time being, he's actually sort of...legitimately in charge. Or will have at least tricked them into thinking he's in charge (...or more accurately that they've mistaken his island for the other island where that crazy snake guy took it over), so rushing in there and trying to kick him out would probably...put them on the wrong side of the law. Uh oh.

I'm totally cool with him eventually losing it, but for now, this is more a heads up that this is going to be happening, with the option for more stuff later on down the road!
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If these idiots end up invading each other, it will be so wonderful.