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Hey there everybody!

Steve here, letting you know that Cobra's going to be doing something stupid in the near future!

Last month he kind of threw a fit about an EV News bulletin, and this month, he's actually going to do something about it. Even though he knows it wasn't him they were describing. Yup.

So what Cobra's going to do is on the 11th, go inside the EV News building in Saffron, and blow up his Garbodor inside it. Because that is totally a mature response to negative press. He'll be making a broadcast about it and teleporting out of there, so he'll be getting away with this one.

And I think that's about it. Just wanted to let everybody know that was going on!

Oh, and this was approved by Alex and Sunny!
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Raikov's going to facepalm so hard.

I love it though. 8D
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