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Okay, so the next part of Cobra's plan involves looking for people to volunteer for an attack taking place the first weekend of January.

There'll be an IC post for this at some point over next few days where he reveals his “brilliant” plan to the Rockets and seeks volunteers, but here's the simple, hissing free, undramatic version: Cobra wants Rockets to go to certain locations and blow stuff up with Pokemon (preferably from the air, but he's not going to hunt you all down and check that you did). That's it. So if you're interested in doing that, please let me know here. Just let me know which target you want your character to attack.

-Vermilion City Gym*
-Fuchsia Movie Studios*
-Burned Tower
-Slowpoke Well
-National Park
-MooMoo Farm

For the most part, success or failure's up to you. I'm completely fine with things going exactly as planned or failing due to whatever factor (interference from other player characters, wanting to make Cobra look bad, inclement weather, etc.). The only exceptions are the two targets marked with asterisks. Those two are more heavily secured than the others, so if you want to volunteer for the ones with an asterisk, they require a written plan of attack and being checked by a mod. The chance of success is still pretty high though, so don't worry about volunteering for those ones!

And those writeups can be posted here

For the others, just let me know which one you're planning to attack, and then if it's going to succeed or fail once you've figured that out.

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Linking it ensured his victory to be honest

Okay, well, never let it be said that Cobra does not have guts, attempting an aerial attack against a guy who specializes in Electric-types.

However, the initial plan will get him in, and do some damage to the Gym! Once Surge realizes what's happening, however, he'll be quick to act — military training and gym leader authority together as one and all. He'll Raichu Cobra out of the sky as he's attempting to make his escape, which will unfortunately leave Electrode, Vanilluxe, Arbok, and Steelix in Surge's custody (paralyzed and subdued by the rest of his elite team). However, Cobra will (inelegantly) escape with Skarmory and Zorua.

Since police forces will understandably respond quickly to an attack as lacking in subtlety as this one, there'll be plenty of police on the scene! This means that Cobra's Zorua, while not able to impersonate a police officer itself, should at least be able to steal one of their uniforms out of the station house while no one's paying attention — assuming you want to have Cobra wear it himself and go in to retrieve his Pokemon, he should be able to do that.

However, his success at infiltrating the crime scene and getting back his Pokemon depends on whether or not he can avoid Surge and on how much time he actually spends in there; the longer he stays, the more likely he is to be apprehended, and the more attention he calls to himself while he's at it, again the likelihood of capture will increase.

But assuming he can get in and out subtly (and without hissing), he should be able to make it away without being apprehended, if that's what you'd like. Otherwise, we can have him be captured and discuss jail sentences and etc! It's your call.
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snatching a half-assed victory from the jaws of defeat still counts as a victory

it still counts
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Sorry for the accidental delete, but sign Rude up for blowing up Burned Tower please.
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[personal profile] dreamsofahero 2013-12-21 09:44 pm (UTC)(link) Sion and Ryner are currently hanging out in Ecruteak and given that they do a lot of research on legendaries (especially Ryner) they probably tend to keep an eye on the Burned Tower for anything of interest cropping up. Would you be interested in making this some kind of IC encounter?
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Sure, why not? Rude's going in for a flashy explosion that's definitely going to cause some damage, but it'll be a quick one because he'll be in and out of there stat. What are you game for?
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Hi, Ryner here. ^^

If Ryner's in the area that day (which isn't unlikely considering how much research into the place's history and legends he does), he'd be likely to notice shady goings-on, and he'd be likely to try and run interference, hoping to at the very least minimize the damage if not stop the bomb from being set up in the first place. (He might not be as familiar with non-magical explosives, but he does have a sense for danger, as does his Absol.) His priorities are on keeping things safe and preventing explosions, not specifically targetting Rockets or going after them directly or anything... Sion might have other thoughts, but that's Ryner's take on it anyway.

Of course, I personally will be on a trip from the 27th to January 7th without internet, so if I get involved we'll have to backdate things, but...
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Just chiming in to say Sion may or may not be with Ryner at the time--if he IS (or if he otherwise sees Rocket activity) he won't hesitate to sic the strongest pokemon he has on him at the time on any Rocket he spots, especially if Ryner's already running damage control. He could be off training on his own though, and since broken wrist makes it hard to keep up on plotting things quickly I'll leave it to you guys to work out the details. :|b
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Wrong account, pardon me.

Anyway, Rude's plan is to swoop over to Burned Tower sometime after midnight to 1 AM. He's got something akin to a grenade in his hands because who uses Poke attacks? And once he's within range he's going to press the button and plant it on the wall of Burned Tower before zooming off. There's going to be a three seconds grace period before the bomb goes off, but Rude lives on the edge of danger like that.

He's deliberately picking a late time to attack, because he doesn't want to be seen and because he's trying to minimize casualties. I'd prefer for the bomb to successfully go off and Rude to get away, but if you'd like to have an aerial chase that'd be totally rad and awesome and it would totally make my January because AERIAL CHASE.
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Kato will be happy to blow up the National Park since it's close-by and he's lazy - how much of the Park does Cobra want destroyed?

(if he doesn't specify he's getting all of it wheeee)
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well maybe not all of it because he doesn't have enough Pokemon for that but


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Kato is here to remove any offensive landmarks you choose, Commander~!
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Well, this is convenient because guess who's in Kanto right now - I'll get you a writeup for what is most likely the studios in a sec, I just need to double-check plans, but I wanted to let you know I am definitely on board.
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We're hitting the studios, tonight we're going hard.
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I'll sign Dist up for MooMoo Farm for the hell of it! He blames Kato for his sudden enjoyment of explosions wants to test out his newly Hyper Beam-equipped team anyway.