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Cobra Commander ([personal profile] cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) wrote in [community profile] route_0062013-12-05 06:16 pm

Yet another really stupid Cobra Commander plot

Yes, another one. And yes, this has to do with that post I promised an explanation for and his newest one, which should be up shortly.

Basically he's had a bad year and wants to do something big. Now it's Cobra Commander, so it's going to be ridiculously convoluted and at least slightly stupid, but basically, he plans to:
-Blow his cover as a Rocket and lose a shipment
-Publicly cut his ties, with Team Rocket, reveal he did it all on purpose, and that the shipment is a bunch of missiles (done! And no it's not actually missiles)
-Reveal to Team Rocket that no, he didn't really go AWOL, no they're not missiles, and hey who wants to blow stuff up with Pokemon?
-Make some demands/threats/etc,
-Blow things up in late December/early January?

There'll be at least one other OOC post to collect volunteers, cover what's being targeted, opportunities for people to mess this up, and so on. Just wanted to give everyone a quick overview of what Cobra's up to since his posts are sort of all over the place as of late.

And once again this was approved by Alex and Sunny!