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Cobra Commander ([personal profile] cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) wrote in [community profile] route_0062013-04-30 07:43 pm

Yet Another Cobra Commander Attack

Hey Route!

Steve here, letting you all know that Cobra’s going to be launching another attack in about a week. First of all, on the 1st he’ll be demanding 1/3rd of all the Pokémon eggs or else he’ll unleash some sort of weather controlling device on the world. Now, Cobra definitely doesn’t have that, but what he does have are a bunch of Pokémon with weather attacks that he’s caught or inherited over the last month or two.

So barring some extremely unlikely turn of event where he gets what he wants, he’ll be having various Pokémon rampage through Pallet Town on the 8th because that’s totally the same thing that he threatened. Since he’ll be having them use things like Icy Wind, Twister, Thunderbolt, etc. because that’s close enough.

Now what’s going to be different is after this, Cobra’s going to jail for a couple weeks. So he’s going to be out of everyone’s hair for a little while. He probably won’t learn any sort of lesson though.

Additionally, if anyone wants to actually hand over eggs or will have characters around Pallet Town at the time and wants to get involved, just let me know!