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Hey there Route!

Back in December, as some of you might remember, Cobra here ran a quiet scheme in order to raise money. Well, he’s up to no good again, but this time it’s definitely not going to be anywhere near as quiet.

See, a couple weeks back, Bowser told Cobra there was at least one ninja around, possibly more. And with Cobra being Cobra, instead of trying to get more information or anything like that, he’s going to try and get some ninjas of his own to head off this apparent ninja problem. The keyword there is try since this is going to end in him getting laughed out of the Fuchsia City Gym.

Now as some of you may have noticed, Cobra doesn’t take things like that too well. So what he’s going to do is have Steelix crash into the gym and explode. Because they totally deserved it for laughing at him and declining his offer to join forces.

As far as the timing goes, he’ll be broadcasting his attack on the 17th, and according to the mods the Gym will be closed for a week for repairs. So once again Cobra creates a temporary inconvenience for everyone. Sorry about that!
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Just... This icon. This icon so hard. In reality I'm loving this so much you have no idea
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Not sorry. Never sorry.
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At least they can't blame Tsunade for this ninja problem this time...
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Suddenly Cobra was added to the bottom of Misaki's hatelist with Bowser

Good job Cobra. Good job.
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So what he’s going to do is have Steelix crash into the gym and explode.

...Kimblee is somewhere between so proud of you and just made of "...I..."
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Oh Cobra

Never change XD
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jfdkas Cobra plz.