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A Very Cobra Christmas!

Hi there Route!

So Christmas is coming up, and in the spirit of Christmas, Cobra Commander’s going to be collecting donations to give to those less fortunate!

No, Cobra hasn’t learned the true meaning of Christmas or anything. It’s all one giant scam to give things to himself and Team Rocket. Hope no one expected him to actually do something nice.

Over the next week or so, there are going to be flyers in various cities popping up, urging people to donate to those in need and boxes for people to put their donations in. Feel free to put whatever in if your characters are so inclined.

Now Cobra’s pretty stupid, but not stupid enough to announce to everyone that he’s running a giant con for Christmas. But after Christmas when all the boxes are collected? He’ll definitely be informing the entire network of how stupid he thinks everyone is.

And one last thing, Cobra’s managed to net Rocket support for this one. So if anyone wants to volunteer their Rocket for placing or collecting boxes, just let me know! Cobra’s trying to be sneaky, so at the most, he’ll make a post complaining about having to ugh, help with charity, but after he reveals his plan, he’ll be sure to reward anyone who helps out!
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[personal profile] useddragonrush 2012-12-11 04:09 am (UTC)(link)
Is this event taking place in both regions: Kanto and Johto? Because if it is, I can see Chris falling for it. He's not stupid, but tends to think of the best in people.
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Awesome. He's going to feel pretty bad about himself for a while though.
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Yeah he just can't catch a break in canon, gets stuck in Johto, got swarmed by Duskull a month and a half ago, and now this.
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OH GOOD SOMETHING FOR RYUUNOSUKE TO DO I mean he can help out around Goldenrod or Saffron or... anywhere you need him tbh.

Archer will probably still be super busy, but he approves of your plan, Cobra! \o/

...And Wheatley only cares about science and Logan is just going to side-eye this entire thing, so they'll be useless as usual. If I'm not doing anything with Isaac, I might have him get conned horribly too, just because he needs more negative CR c:
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Awesome, he'll remain in Goldenrod then!
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Kato will happily assist wherever Cobra needs him!
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Bowser won't be taking donations, but he does have a plan to dress up as a department store Santa and steal from some kids as well as mailing out Toxic and Poison Powder-laced Christmas cookies.

Perhaps they could collaborate somehow? :Oa
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Muahaha, yes. Truly beautiful!

I thoroughly look forward to what happens with Cobra's plan, too. I can almost see Bowser slipping in a poison cookie or something equally ridiculous because, grah! Charity's dumb...

Unless, of course, he finds out it's a Rocket scheme, at which point he'll probably feel VERY dumb.
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Jennies, take him away.
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Ren can help with the boxes even while I'm on hiatus. Though he's mostly doing it because he wants to figure our what he's up to this time.

...though if he collects any boxes, don't wonder why there's not so much money on them with a small note of "This money has been collected for the poor by Robin Hood".
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... Well now I know where Crow's savings are going to this month.

Seriously someone should just tell him it's for poor orphans and he'd be like SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY TAKE IT NOW
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Nisei would be happy to help with this! He can use this excuse to guilt people and make them feel terrible - he can act as an active collector.
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Excellent, he'll be quick to exceed expectations!
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Stitch would love to help! Anyone that tries to bring some sort of misery and destruction to the rest of the world is always worth helping.