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So bad it'll be Legendary

Alright, so as I mentioned on that plot post not too long ago, it has occurred to Barney that I lot of weird things have been going on. With stuff blowing up and pokemon powers and everything, people could just use a break. A conversation with Heather had him realizing just how many bad movies exist in Johto. So, obviously, the answer is


A chance to sit back, relax, and make fun of terrible movies!

This will be an open log taking place in Mahogany Town. People can be flown in for the event (similar to how it's done with festivals), since the location is a bit remote.

The date I looking at to have this happen is Wednesday the 22nd, providing that doesn't conflict with anything.

There will be two main threads in the log, one taking place in the early evening for the kids, and one taking place later in the evening (which is when alcohol will be available). Obviously, if kids want to sneak into the adult portion of the evening, they are welcome to and I'm trusting everyone to use their own discretion. (Alcohol will obviously not be sold to kids or anything like that). Movie content will be consistent through the evening. (General so bad it's good movies, nothing x-rated, etc)

Under the main threads will be subthreads, containing a movie title and a short summery. From there, people are free to imagine what exactly is going on in those movies. Are they surprisingly good? Bad? So bad it's good? Go nuts.
Movie suggestions are always welcome, and I'll try and use as many as I can without overwhelming people. Remember that they should contain pokemon.

So, that's the event and there will be an IC announcement shortly. Questions/Comments/Suggestions?

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Dances With Slowbro
Magikarp: Don't Go In The Water!!
Meowth vs Growlithe
The Amazing Joltik Man!
Crobat Man Begins
Gastly Rider
Romeo and Jellicent or maybe Jigglypuff
Rise of the Planet of the Aipom
Where the Normal-Types Are
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Ground-Type Horror Movie Show
For the love of god it's a requirement.
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Let's do the Time Roar again!